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Hear from some of our amazing clients

Mieka has been my  personal trainer for over three years. With her guidance and the training program that she developed for me, I have found that my personal strength has grown considerably and that my balance and stability has also improved. I now have much improved muscle tone in my upper and lower body, as well as in my core. Of particular note, she helped me develop and implement a plan to address a nagging shoulder issue related to poor muscle tone. This work has given me more mobility in my shoulder area and I now rarely experience pain in this area.

Mieka is very well educated and very knowledgeable when it comes to physical fitness, the anatomy, and nutrition. She is very enthusiastic and passionate about what she does. She lives and breathes physical fitness and has inspired me to take better care of my body through exercise and better nutrition. As my coach, she is always there to cheer me on and challenge and guide me in improving my physical performance. I truly believe I would not have achieved the same results without the steady and unfailing support and guidance of Mieka.


While I have done most of my training sessions with her at the gym, we have done some sessions virtually due to COVID 19 concerns. With a modest set up of weight training equipment at home, I have found that the “at home” sessions have been just as effect and in many ways more convenient.


I have worked with Mieka as my fitness trainer for over a year and have seen my level of fitness significantly improve. When I started working out at a Goodlife facility, initial testing showed that my level of fitness corresponded to a male adult that was several years older than my chronological age. At the time I was an overweight senior with very little muscle mass. Now I have shed pounds and have a lean, toned body with noticeable, not exaggerated, muscle mass. I can do chin ups, deep push ups and I am comfortable working with free weights. Even my balance which was pretty good from my prior tai chi training, has improved. Overall I have a lot more strength, stamina and energy.

I have benefitted from training with Mieka both at the gym and at home virtually. I have found the virtual training with some free weights and an elastic band to be just as effective as gym training. Mieka even suggested what equipment to buy and where. Mieka makes training a fun and challenging experience with a variety of changing exercises. She is very encouraging and motivating. I never believed in lifetime training. Now I am convert.


I was very impressed with how skilled and knowledgeable Matt is and I was entirely pleased with how he supported me with both guidance and motivation. But most importantly he knows how to  listen.  Matt adjusted his coaching to meet my ambitions  and he tailored the training to respond to my body....both its strengths and its vulnerabilities. I highly recommend him.


I have been training with Matt for almost 2 years now. What a difference 2 years can make! When we first met, I was a new mom, only a few months postpartum, out of shape, in a rut and wanting to lose the baby weight. Matt helped me do that and more. He created a realistic workout program that is tailored for me, taking into account my physical challenges as well as the weight loss and strength goals I want to achieve. Our workouts are diverse, fun, and always challenging. Best of all, I have seen results. I 've lost inches and weight,  and gotten significantly stronger, all with Matt's help. I am always impressed by Matt's commitment to continuous learning and professional development. His advice and guidance are sound, and backed up by his training and professional certificates. Training with Matt will push you to challenge your personal limits, and it is an investment in your physical and mental health, which you won't regret.


Mieka came into my life at a time where I was really committed to focusing on my physical health for the first time in my life. I'd gone through spurts of diets and exercise but knew that I needed to really commit to get control of my health. Finding a personal trainer can be an immensely vulnerable experience, and I walked into a first meeting with Mieka with my guard up. I had had a tough couple of experiences in my journey to finding a trainer. In 5 minutes, we were laughing and she had some material ready for me to take home and look over before making a decision. I took it and told her I was ready to commit then and there. Her combined personability, expertise, humour, and experience made me optimistic about my fitness journey for the first time in my life. From then on, everything changed.

Together, we defined and started worked towards my goals. I genuinely started to enjoy working out. Not ever something I thought I would be able to say. A year and half later, and mostly through virtual sessions, I am feeling stronger, more confident,  I'm seeing weight loss/muscle build, and am overall more aware of what my body needs in terms of exercise and nutrition. She's so much more than a fitness trainer. She's a life coach, nutrition guru, health consultant, and half the time, my therapist. She answers all of my questions (I have a lot) and is always checking in outside of our sessions. She cares immensely about her work, her clients, her dog, and her cat.


Her and Matt have become a big part of my life and I am forever thankful for the journey that I am on with Coach Meekz.


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