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Co-Founder & Trainer

With my diverse background in many disciplines from CrossFit to Martial Arts, yoga and mobility to Olympic and powerlifting, food and Movement are two aspects that my body needs and deserves more of in ways of recognition and honour! I'm amazed by the power of food and healing of movement, they are both ways of stored Meaning, Information and Communication to your body.  Every food and movement choice/decision we make sends a powerful or harmful message to our bodies. Food and movement also have the power to shape and remake/redefine our health, and dictate our performance,  Food is medicine, just as much as movement is healing for the human body. I've been in the fitness industry for just over 13 years now and for me, this powerful combination is key to longevity of keeping the mind and body engaged in the fountain of youth.


Education / Certification

CANFIT PRO certified Personal Trainer and Level 4 Trainer

Sport and Exercise Psychology – Human Kinetics/Canadian Fitness Professionals


Agatsu Level 1 Kettle Bell Coach

Skills & Training

Powerlifting 101- Hybrid

Olympic Lifting 101 – Hybrid

Nutrition Fundamentals 101 – Hybrid

Individual & Team Training

Postural Anatomy and Program Design Specialist – Darby Training Systems

Health & Lifestyle Coaching

Fitness Journey

Athletics have always been part of my life. As a teenager, I played competitive hockey. As a teenage boy, I didn’t grow as quickly as my peers which put me at a disadvantage. While this allowed me to be quick and agile, when I was hit in a game I didn’t have the strength to hit back as hard. I was fed up with being pushed around, and at the age of 16, I began to lift weights. I fell in love with strength training, because it gave me an edge. When I was hit, I bounced back immediately and I was able to check players twice my size. Strength training improved my game, recovery, and skills immensely. I played hockey through University at a Junior level and continued to strength train long after. 


As a young adult, it became a part of my weekly routine. My gymnastics, and Olympic lifting background transferred well into CrossFit, Jiu-Jistsu and strongman training. Adamantly  working on my technique and form has allowed me and prevent sport related injuries from becoming more severe. 


While strength training for hockey and sport was my initial motivation, it became a part of my lifestyle and grew into a discipline. I’ve learned that athleticism can be achieved at any age, and strength training is transferred into daily life, not only sport. 

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Co-Found & Trainer

My journey is unique from other trainers in the industry. I struggled with my weight my entire adolescence and into adulthood. I played competitive sports as a teenager and when I quit I gained weight, and continued to for many years. I truly believed I would struggle physically and mentally with my weight my entire life. 


Through hard work, discipline and continuous education I achieved my own fitness goals and surpassed them. It has given me the confidence to explore many different aspects of fitness and training. I enjoy a variety of fitness activities, from trail running with my dog, CrossFit, hiking, strength training and more. Taking control of my health and fitness has allowed me to become a confident, educated fitness professional. 


This journey has taught me to be empathetic as an individual and a fitness trainer. My objective as a trainer is simple; empowerment. We are all unique, with one commonality; time. We can choose to spend our time dreaming of what is possible, or use our time to achieve our goals.

Education / Certification

Fitness & Health Promotion Diploma

CESP Certified Personal Trainer

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach

Eleiko Strength Coach

Pre-Script Assessments Coach

Pre-Script Barbell Coach



Skills & Training

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Thibarmy Neurotyping Level 1

Public Speaking

Team Leading

Program Design

Individual & Team Training

Lifestyle Coaching

Fitness Journey

Achieved a 70lb weight loss goal and 10lb increase in lean tissue through exercise and nutrition change

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